11 November 2008

Is this a scam? Calls from 01792572140

I've been getting a number of calls from people claiming to work for 3 who then ask a bunch of questions to "Confirm [my] identity", the sort of questions someone running an identity theft scam might ask. I've emailed 3 to check:


I have received a number of missed calls from a number apparently in Swansea (01792572140) today I managed to pick on up and the person on the other end identified themselves as being from yourselves. They said that someone would call me to talk about handset upgrades (despite me saying I'm quite happy with my handset and I had selected it explicitly because it is a Skype Phone and I had bought it to use Skype). they then went on to ask a series of questions, "To confirm [my] identity". These questions were the sort that an identity thief would be likely to ask (home post code, date of birth &c) and, as I pointed out to them, they called me so of the two people on the call I'm the one who's identity does not need to be confirmed.

Can you please confirm if the phone number 01792572140 is one you use for outgoing calls (this was the first thing to trigger my suspicions, it's rare for an outgoing line from a call centre to identify itself).



Hopefully they'll respond soon.


Unknown said...

Interesting, I have also had calls from this number over the last 3 days, but I never answer to numbers I don't recognise. As such, I now have 8 missed calls from them. I am glad that I now know what this is, so thankyou! :)

Emily Bright said...

I think that this certainly is a scam. I called '3' and they didn't seem to have a clue so I have texted those I know and will facebook it later.