16 August 2012

Spam sales call from 07720590063

Called, hung up when I answered then called again.  Asked to speak to the Three network account holder.  Identified company as 'Sprint Communications'.  Tried to sell me a renewal on my Three contract (which is up in November) and a new phone.  When I said I wasn't interested in renewing my Three contract he offered to transfer my number to a different network.  I pointed out that I already have a phone on a different network (some years ago my sister chenged to Three and I worked out it would be cheaper to have a phone on that network than to call in from my normal phone, she's now going back to the same network as my normal phone) and wasn't interested in keeping that number.  He tried to sell me a contract on another network again.  I repeated my reasons for not wanting to move to another network and after a while he accepted it.

I pointed out that the number was registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) so, as I have no relationship with Sprint he should not be calling me.  I asked him to have my number removed from their systems and from any lists they sell on or use.  He said he'd try.

Also reported this on Who Calls Me.

Now I'm off to shop them to the ICO.  I suggest others do likewise if they get a call on a number they have registered with TPS.


Unknown said...

I also received a call from this number. They seem legitimate enough but the only thing is I think they know when your number is blacklisted and try to send you a 'quick fix' at a higher rate.

I lost my phone and within a week of cancelling my old sim I got a call asking me if I want a new phone tomorrow, £26 a month for a Blackburry, I dont think it was a new model.

Be wary they catch you out offering you a way to get a better phone if your using an old replacement for more money than if you went to a shop. They even offer to cancel your contract for you and transfer your number.

Unknown said...


regarding cancelling contracts. I know a lot fo people who have been caught out with things they that. A non-network mobile phone shop targets someone with 6 month sleft on their contract says they will buy out the remainder of the customer's contract if they take out a 2 year contract through the shop and get a new phone on the same network. The sales person puts on the pressure and says that it must be done that day or the deal may go away. The cutomer takes the offer. Then 18 months later they get a call from the shop offering the same deal,the shop will buy out the remaining 6 months if the customer comes in that week and gets a new phone on a 2 year contract on the same network. The customer takes that deal and, what do you know, 18 months later it's the shop on the phone again. This time the customer declines and after another 6 months (and 30 or so calls) tries to cancel the phone. They can't, it's still got a year to run. The shop didn't actually buy out the last 6 months those two times, they added them to the start of the new 2 year contract so the first one was actually 2.5 years and the second was actually 3 years. It's quite legal because it's all written down on page 27 of the fine print that no-one ever reads.