5 March 2013

Nuisance calls from 01618149905

Had a number of silent calls from this number.  Just now they called again and I got a woman with a strong Manchester accent who told me that the company name was 'Versatile'.  In the background I heard typical 'call center' noise. I said I'd never heard of the company.  She said that the company did exist and was based in Manchester.  I told her I'd guessed that from the accent.  She acknowleded that she had a Manchester accent.  She said that they were regulated by the Ministry of Justice and the National Credit Database had shown that I was owed money from a credit agreement I had taken out.  I said "Please stop calling me.  Please remove my contact details from your system.  If you or anyone from this number calls me again I WILL contact the Information commissioner, I WILL get you fined." then hung up.

The number they called has been registered with the Telephone Preference Service for well over a decade.  I have made a complaint via TPS./

It seems that quite a few people are getting such calls and calls for different reasons.

ETA:  Had an email from TPS yesterday.  They have been unable to make contact with Versatile, they can't find any contact details.  They have parked the case.

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