15 November 2011

Potential Scam call from 02070597699

Just had a call from 02070597699. Very bad background noise, caller sounded like she had a Phillipino or similar accent. Asked if I'd enterted an online competition recently for an iPhone, I've entered a few so said yes. She said that this was just a courtesy call to tell me that the competition had now closed and I'd be getting an email soon telling me what I'd won. She then went on to say that everyone who entered the contest was getting some free lottery tickets and how lucky I was. I hung up.

The phone they called me on is a mobile on Three and the only people who have that number besides myself and Three are my sister and the Telephone Preference Service. I only have the phone because my sister has a three phone and it's cheaper for me to have another phone on Three than to call her on my main phone which is on Orange.

I called the number back and asked the person who answered the name of the company, she said it is BTD European Services. I confirmed the company name and hung up.

I Googled the number and found a number of forums where people reported that this is a scam. Apparently later in the call they ask for personal details to prove ID and for bank account and sort code details.


theikmarket said...

Thanks for the alert! Haven't read about that phone number yet, though.

theikmarket said...

by the way, I looked up the phone number and I found this link http://www.callercenter.com/02070597699.html which showed a couple of complaints against that phone number calling.

Looks like the scammer's working double time for Christmas. Haha!

the unmistakable he-man said...

The same thing has happened to me. The caller had a Nigerian accent and again noise in the background and he asked if i did the national lottery and was offering entries at 5p each. I told him that i subscribe to national lottery and he immediately hung up. A definate scam here.