11 August 2008

A new stop on the 900 route

I've been thinking of lobbying for an extra stop on the 900 bus route. For those not familiar with this route, it's a limited stop route from Birmingham City Centre to Coventry via Birmingham International station (which links to NEC and Birmingham International Airport). Most of the route is along the A45 Coventry road but between Bordesley Island and Hay Mills Island (also known as Asda Island because there's a large Asda next to it) it goes along Small Heath Bypass, to avoid the heavy traffic congestion in Small Heath. This is a long span without a stop, possibly the longest until it leaves Birmingham International Station towards Coventry (and vice versa on the return).

The extra stop I'm thinking of proposing is at the point where Small Heath Bypass crosses Golden Hillock road (where there is a small traffic island). From what I can see there is ample space before the small traffic island in both directions for a recessed stop allowing for space before the junction to pull out.

A stop there would link the 900 route to the Inner Circle (8) route and to Small Heath rail station. It would also serve Ghamgol Sharif Mosque, the houses near by and the businesses near by. It would also provide an almost direct bus link (either the 900 then walk about a third of a mile or the 900 then take the 8a down Golden Hillock road) to the Ackers activity centre from the centre of Birmingham, Hay Mills, Yardley, Sheldon, Elmdon and all along the A45 as far as Coventry centre.

I guess my local councillors are my best starting point. I'm in the process of formulating my communication and deciding how to send it. This entry is very much draft 0.9.

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