13 June 2008

Nuisance Silent Calls - 01254277054

Once or twice a day for the past few days I've been getting calls from 01254277054 that hang up as soon as I answer. When I called back I just got music so hung up.

I Googled the number and discovered that apparently quite a few people have been having the same problem. Apparently it's a company called GM Connect who are trying to sell new mobile phones to people. The number they're calling me on is one I've only had for about 8 months and don't give out other than to family members and close friends. The number I normally give out is for my Orange phone which is my main number. This number is on 3 and I only have it because my sister and one of my friends switched to 3 and the cost of calling them from Orange (indeed any network other than 3) is huge, my Orange phone bill more than doubled, and I worked out it would be cheaper to get a phone on 3 just to call them on than to pay for the calls on Orange. My 3 phone bill is about £15 a month but has saved me about £25 a month on my Orange bill. Plus the phone is a Skype phone so I can now call people for free on Skype without needing to boot up my PC.

A while back John Hemming MP was campaigning against silent calls (where a call centre uses an autodialer to call you but when you answer there's no agent to take the call). I wonder if he'd be interested in this?