20 September 2009

PRINCE2 and British Computer Society

I took and passed PRINCE2 (2009) Foundation level certification last week, also took the Practitioner level exam but it takes a couple of weeks for the results to come through for that so I won't know for a while if I've passed that. I'm really not sure if I passed the Practitioner or not. If I failed I don't think it will be by much. Apparently there were a lot of complaints from employers that the 2005 exam was too easy so the 2009 exam has been toughened up and the pass mark increased so the pass rate will be lower. They've also introduced a new type of question called Assertion-Reason that test knowledge, reasoning and logic and have abolished half marks (in the 2005 objective exam if the question was to pick two items from a list and you only got one right you;d still get half a mark, now you have to get both right to get any credit at all).

On Saturday I got an email from the British Computer Society to say they've added a professional networking site for members. It was launched today so I signed in and set up a profile. I've also created a couple of groups, one for members in the West Midlands (the county I live in) and one for members involved in Project or Programme Management.

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