29 March 2005

FYI Site stealing blog entries

I discovered today that the site allconsuming.net is copying and publishing entries from peoples blogs to promote sales of books. Basically if you write an entry that mentions a book they copy the entry and publish it on a page that offers the book for sale via Amazon Associates (so they get a cut of the profits). They don't ask permission and, as they publish entire entries, are not covered by fair use. that means they're in breach of international copyright law. It might be worth checking if they've nicked anything of your's, easiest way would be to Google with "site:allconsuming.net [your journal name]".

Contact address is erik@allconsuming.net. The whois record is here.

Permission is explicitly granted to reproduce this entry so long as it is done in it's entirety and a link back to the original is included.

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